“OMS is the first company I have been part of that has a defined culture, based on Values that are actually practiced. This is true even with the Leadership team. Alan, Shayne and Liz are not virtual leaders. They are refreshingly down to earth, approachable and most especially they care about the TEAM, and it shows. Kudos to Maressa, Miata and Yuri for all the support they have been giving us.The dream of having a green card was made possible because of OMS’ excellent track record with immigration. The way I was treated manifests that OMS believes that “Employees are our Greatest Strength”. The company truly walks the talk. I feel fortunate to be a part of a great and collaborative TEAM…so sign up now with OMS, the company that will walk an extra mile to make you smile.”

- Cris Cango, PT

“My name is Maureen and i’m one of the PT’s lucky enough to be recruited by OMS.. when i first heard about this company my first thought was that it was too good to be true.. they offered to pay for everything, as long as you meet their basic requirements which are 5 years of work experience and toefl passing scores.. i got accepted into their program late april, and a week after my embassy interview i came here in florida to stay and review in one of their houses for free.. we get a monthly food allowance, bus passes so we can get around the city for free and they send us to IER reviews and provide for all of our reference materials and books that we need to study.. they also helped us open a bank account where they put our monthly allowance.. since then i was able to take the NPTE last july and pass it, i also got my employment authorization card and social security # in the past 2 weeks, and right now i am about to start working as a PT in NC.. the best thing that i can say about this company is that unlike others, they really do what they promise they would do for you.. i’m really grateful to them for helping me realize my dreams to work here, and so are all the other filipino PT’s that live in the house.. hey don’t get me wrong, they’re not exclusive, everyone is welcome to apply.. sa mga pinoy, masasabi ko lang po, dito na kayo! yun na!”

~ Maureen

OMS will really make ur US PT dream come true.
I’ve heard, seen and talked to a lot of agencies na nagre-recruit ng PT before ako nag-sign sa OMS. When I initially heard about OMS offer, I’ve asked around because I was thinking that maybe they are just like other agencies that will offer a lot of things but will not deliver. Well, I can attest that OMS really deliver everything that they will say. They will make sure that you’re going to get a fair contract.If we have any questions regarding how our legal papers here will be handled, we can easily ask our cases manager about it. We were well guided in our review to the extent that they made a study calendar program for us. They sent all of us to good review classes here in US and provided all books that we think are needed. They even made sure that accomodations in the places where we had our review classes were nice ones (as in maganda! minsan, sinamahan pa talaga ng case manager yung isa sa amin ng mag-isa lang na pupunta sa out of town review class). Masarap mag-aral kapag well supported ka… Yun ang na-enjoy ko sa OMS.
You can try sending your resume to them. Maybe this can be a start of fulfilling your US PT dream.”
~ Isel

“I was interviewed by OMS mid of January 2008 and I got here in the U.S. 1st week of March 2008. Less than 2 months and i got here in the U.S. The best part of it was that, they paid for everything. They even paid for my embassy interview and even the airfare from Cebu to Manila and then back to Cebu for the embassy interview. The good thing about OMS is that you don’t have to go back to the Philippines after you take the exam and wait years for your name to be drawn for a working visa. Once you get here, they will file for your change of status (immigrant status) even if you are still studying for the NPTE exam. Once you passed the test you will work right away, you don’t have to go back . . . They have facilities all over U.S. so, you can work anywhere in the U.S. after you pass the NPTE . . . ”
~ Nestor

“Just an update: I received my green card last December.=) Really, that was fast. OMS filed for my Eb2 on June ’08 and in just 6 months I got my green card already. I am so grateful to OMS because they really helped me to become an immigrant here in the US. My batchmates in OMS who were also filed for an Eb2 are also immigrants now. We’re now working in different states here in the US. For those of you who are skeptical about OMS and how they can help you be an immigrant here, email me at ayrecabe@gmail.com and I can share my OMS experience with you guys. I also want you to be successful immigrant PT’s here in the US.=)”
~ Anne Recabe

“Greetings In JESUS Precious Name!

Cris Bernal here presently working in Valley Regional Medical Center, Brownsville Texas. I remember my days when I was still in the Phillipines struggling on how to be able to get to the states. Not an easy task since there were so many things to accomplish. but thank God OMS has never cease in helping me. Its not just one time that I have to ask them regarding different review materials and even online sessions that I know is never easy. Liz Trans is always on the go whenever you need something. as if they no longer care what time of the night you call. Shayne also has been very understanding to whatever reason you may have regarding requirements that are really hard to obtain. but above all things. I dont remember them complain of anything, they only have one goal in mind and that is to make sure that you’ll get to where you want to go. Thanks OMS and thanks Shayne and Liz for even thogh its been a year, You’re still there continuing your support to all of us here in the United States of America. God Bless you all !!!”
~ Cris Bernal

“I could really attest that Overseas Manpower Solutions (OMS) is a good company. So far the best company I’ve known in terms of PT recruitment. I signed up with them last Feb 2008. They are very supportive and see to it that we get all we need to pass the NPTE. They paid for our review classes and even gave us monthly stipend. Not only that, they even provided a furnished condo for us to stay while we are studying. And the best thing? … They sponsored me for an immigrant visa and they will reimburse all my application expenses (TOEFL, tse, credentialing, VISA screen & even airfare!). About the salary, they give me much higher that what other agencies offered me. A lot of benefits indeed! What more could you ask for?”
~ Jenevieve Oquendo

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